Dave Rolf was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1977 at Doctor’s Hospital which is now known as Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Dave has great memories growing up in central Phoenix. At the age of five Dave told his mother, “I want to be a mailman.” He liked the idea of delivering mail and packages all over the city. He remembers riding his Big Green Machine Bigwheels all over the neighborhood with his friends, playing arcade games and drinking Icees at 7-11, spending time at his grandparents’ cabin on holiday weekends and playing pranks on his older sister. Dave also enjoyed hunting with his father. At age eleven he killed his first deer in Kaibab, Arizona. Dave remembers having his first beer and cigar while celebrating a great elk hunt with his Dad. Dave admires his father very much and wanted to grow up to be a business owner just like him.

Dave Rolf grew up in public schools in Phoenix, Arizona. He enjoyed his friends more than his classes. His ambition was focused on the working world and he couldn’t wait to be done with school so he could get out there and follow his passion. He attended Royal Palm Junior High where he met his wife, Jodi, in the seventh grade. This was the era of passing notes, not texting or Insta-socialing! Then he joined his older sister at Washington High School. During his junior year he was serving detention in the principal’s office and he read a job posting about helping an attorney deliver five-day notices to residents who were late paying their rent at apartment complexes. This was where he first got his experience in process serving. He really enjoyed the job and the satisfaction of completion was addicting. After graduating high school Dave moved up north to Montana to live on his dad’s ranch and go to The University of Montana. After one semester he moved back to Arizona and attended several different community colleges and finished his degree at Arizona State University. In 2002, Dave graduated with a B.I.S. degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship and Urban Planning. Dave has continued his education by attending many executive educational classes in Management, Logistics, Systems Architecture and Supply Chain Management. Dave is always devouring great business books – ask him what he’s reading now!

In January of 1999, attending Arizona State University, Dave needed a new challenge that he could do between classes. Process serving was the answer! Dave found it and wasn’t going to let this feeling go.

He loved every minute of it. He spent his days personally introducing himself to law firms, advertising in the Yellow Pages, serving people day and night and preparing the proofs of service and invoice documents. Dave loved the fact that he was not only an important part of the justice system but that he was helping improve the way law firms operated. He’s always focused on operational improvements that not only automated routine tasks but improved the profits of the owners of the law firms he works for. Dave sees what he does as more of a life style improvement service for the partners of his law firms. He believes that these improvements to his client’s law firms helps reduce stress and creates freedom to enjoy life more in the areas that are important to them. This is what gives him the passion to run a business that from the outside might look like an ordinary service that just delivers law suits to people.

Dave’s focus is to love God, love people, eat well, exercise often, spend quality and quantity amounts of time with his wife and kids, listen more, encourage people’s talents and have fun!

Dave Rolf has a variety of interests and hobbies. If it sounds fun and it’s a bit dangerous then Dave is in! Here’s some things Dave has gotten himself into: sky diving, running 2 marathons, fire walking, snowboarding, flying fighter planes and skateboarding. However, he had to give up skateboarding in 2012 because he broke 5 ribs on a half-pipe with his oldest son. Now that his ribs are healed and still looking for the next adrenaline fix, you can now find him Muay Tai Boxing, off-roading, and practicing archery. You can find Dave in his free time dating his amazing wife, building up and encouraging his 4 children, and contributing to Listen.One.

Here are a few fun places Dave worked before starting Tag Process Service:

News Channel 10 (he was a mascot called Dino the Dinosaur) » Long John Silvers » Marie Calendars Restaurant » Kmart » Crystal Ice » Basset Beds » Prickly Pear Restaurant » El Caro Golf Club » Pauley Construction » Dairy Queen » Harkins Theaters » Montana Ranch Hand » Van’s Electronics » Dan Ryan’s Restaurant » Frito Lay